{{DOCTOR}} provides Advanced Joint Pain Relief in Roseville

Dr. Pete Strombeck

Case Manager

Since I was a child, it’s been a passion of mine to help people. My drive to help people later turned into a profound fascination with how our body’s function and self-heals. With that being said, it wasn’t a surprise when I found myself pursuing my dream and obtaining a degree in medicine. I later started my studies at UC Davis and got a degree in Biology. During my time in college, I suffered through a significant spinal injury that ended up guiding me down the path of pursuing my Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic Medicine. After working almost 24 years in this field, I still have just as much of a passion for caring for my patients as I did the day I became a licensed Chiropractor. Several years after I graduated, I decided to go back to school, studying my nights and weekends away, to get my degree in Spinal Correction. Deciding to go back to school was a natural progression for me because the longer I stayed practicing in this field, I was coming across more and more difficult and chronic cases.

I was now better equipped for the patients that would be coming through my doors seeking my help. As I still had a tremendous passion in my work, I kept my main focus on sticking to the cutting edge technique of minimally invasive patient care. Therefore, I am always looking for the least invasive way of treatment first. Going about my patient care that way, I found myself turning to Advanced Joint Pain Relief Therapies. This being my next step came naturally to me, seeing as studying Biology was what I started with. In the last 9 years, my primary focus has been solely on Advanced Joint Pain Relief Therapies, as it is a very exciting area of medicine. For instance, how can we use cell therapy to assist the body in healing and recovering? Well, as we get older it can become more of a challenge to heal from those silly things, and what’s fascinating to me is that we can assist the body in regaining our health back with minimally invasive procedures. Therefore, I believe that the more we know about Advanced Joint Pain Relief Therapies, the more powerful these tools will be in the future in helping improve human conditions.

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