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Ruth F. 5 star review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

I cannot speak highly enough of joint therapy injections for knee repair. I was getting to “bone on bone” in both knees. The injection in the right knee took 9 months to regrow my cartilage. And the injection in my left knee (which had far more damage) took 18 months to regrow my cartilage. I have a new lease on life! Thank you all at Granite Bay Regerative Medicine.

Ruth F.
Roseville , California
Bruce H. 5 star review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

The staff were very competent and helpful. I appreciated being talked through each stage of the process and there was never a moment I felt confused or pressured. I enjoyed my experience with this office and would recommend friends to go check them out. Thanks

Bruce H.
Roseville , California
Dilyn 5 star review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

Dr Strombeck

Every week now is better with my hip, leg, and knee. I've got more mobility and much less pain at times. Parts of my leg and hip feel like they used to. After my marathon I took a week off running but kept walking 3 to 5 miles per day. It's been since Dec 3rd and each time I exercise and do strength training I feel like I'm getting stronger. Parts of my hip and leg are still very weak but as I warm them up I am encouraged I will be able to run similar to what I used to do. Yesterday was my best day yet I only ran 4 miles but they were solid steps and I didn't start dragging my right leg until the last mile!

Thank you so much!

Roseville , California
Bim P. 5 star review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

Thank you to Dr. Strombeck, and the entire team at Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions. They were wonderful, from the initial consultation, through the entire treatment process and then through the follow-up care. They are very caring, kind and they want this treatment to work for you as much as you do.

At 68 years due to osteoarthritis in my knee, I had regenerative therapy done in February last year and I have noticed very significant improvements from this procedure. My knee was bone to bone, and I was told to get knee replacement surgery, but in 10 months, due to regenerative therapy, my knee has rebuilt the cartilage.

Due to the success of the regenerative therapy procedure this year I decided to get regenerative therapy for my neck and back. This procedure allows the body to heal itself and I have been getting great improvements to my pain.

I hope people will consider the benefits of this procedure, and I have already recommended it to several of my friends. I highly recommend trying regenerative therapy and choosing Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions has been absolutely a fantastic experience for me.

Bim P.
Roseville , California
5 star review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

5-star review Can you please share with Dr? Tell him thanks for helping me reach my goal!!! I PR'd by an hour and 6 minutes from 5 years ago.

When she came into our office she had already had a meniscus surgery and was now able to run short distances with mild to moderate pain. Her comment was her right knee just feels old. She also said she feels like a caged animal and she just wants to run. One of her goals was to run another 100 mile race again. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment 👏. Needless to say we are so thrilled and LOVE happy patients. — Dr. Pete Strombeck

Verified Patient
Roseville , California
Ruth V. 5 star review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

My experience in Dr Strombeck clinic was very pleasant. Dr.Strombeck and his wonderful staff, are very friendly and kind. They make you feel very comfortable every time you visit. I’m so pleased with their service and outcome of the procedure I received. If you ask me, would I recommend them? I absolutely would.

Ruth V.
Roseville , California
5 star review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

5-star review 5-star review for Dr. Strombeck and his staff:

This was my last hope of getting the help I needed. All other treatments failed such as cortisone injections, physical therapy, and other drug therapies. My ankles were so damaged from injuries that they keep giving out causing me to fall.

Dr. Strombeck was referred to me by a friend of mine. I am so grateful and had a very positive experience with this office. Everyone is very helpful. They listen carefully and take the time to really understand what is going on. After our consultation and x-rays it was determined I was a candidate. I decided that Advanced Joint Pain Therapy in both problematic ankles was my next best step. Under the care of Dr. Stombeck Advanced Joint Pain Therapy has shown effectiveness and promising results in promoting tissue repair and regeneration. It is encouraging to see a year later having experienced significant improvement and far less pain. If you are experiencing pain I highly recommend skipping the big medical institutes and big pharma and making an appointment with Dr. Stombeck. You will then actually begin to heal instead of covering it up with other therapies that just don’t work.

L. P.
Roseville , California
J. O. 5 star review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

I am sending you this email to thank you for helping me to not have to go through knee surgery or shoulder surgery by choosing to do advanced joint pain relief program. In 2021, I was ready to go in for double knee replacement surgery until a friend of mine suggested that I look for a clinic that does advanced joint pain relief program. When I looked on the Web, Granite Bay Regenerative Medicine came up and since your facility was so close to where I live, I decided to make an appointment. You and your staff were so kind. You explained exactly what to expect and how long complete recovery would take and you were right. My knees are pain free and I can do regular activities again. Then just recently in 2023, I discussed having my right shoulder done since I played baseball when I was a kid and now I was having issues even lifting my arm without pain. I had the joint pain relief injections in my shoulder recently and I am doing really well.

I highly recommend anyone having joint issues to just check out your facility and get the x-rays. They will know right away whether the advanced joint pain relief program protocol with work for them.

J. O.
Roseville , California
Anonymous 5 star review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

Snow Ski Patient Skiing AgainHas not been able to snow ski in over 15 years because of knee pain. After Advanced Joint Pain Relief procedure on both knees skiing again!!!

Roseville , California
Patient review for Granite Bay Advanced Joint Pain Relief Solutions

See that smile? You helped me get there!

20 miles in the desert in the middle of the night. 🌵🌵(9:30pm-3:30am)

I can’t thank you enough!! ❤️❤️❤️

*****Verified Patient
Roseville , California

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